#Essential4Kids: Resources to Protect Kids From Abuse During COVID-Crisis

In times of crisis and economic insecurity, rates of child abuse and neglect increase. However, the Illinois hotline has seen a 50% decrease in calls and CACs are seeing a significant drop of referrals. dramatically during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. When children stay at home, they are isolated from places where adults often look out for their safety and well-being including schools, child care facilities, places of worship and other public areas.  

We need all adults to step up: family members, neighbors, essential workers serving families in grocery stores and pharmacies and delivering goods to homes and school professionals who are still working with children virtually. ALL ADULTS need to be aware of their responsibility to protect children.

You are essential to child safety during this time. Below you will find information on how to recognize that a child is unsafe and respond. These resources are designed for essential workers serving on the ground to keep our communities running during the COVID-19 crisis, school professionals during this time of virtual learning, and the general public.

Raise awareness. Awareness and advocacy are critical to child abuse prevention and intervention. Share this page, the resources and videos on social media or make your own! Use the hashtag #Essential4Kids so we can keep track of your advocacy.

Join us. YOU are #Essential4Kids!

These materials are adapted from the great work of the Missouri KidsFirst team. We are grateful for their knowledge and dedication to all children!


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