RockStar RoundUp

What's unique about this program is it offers our donors an option that they have not had before, Round-Up! A "Round-Up" is the term we use to describe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. Example: if you bought a coffee for $2.40 on your connected credit/debit card, we'd "Round-Up" the purchase to the next dollar amount ($3) and the change ($0.60) would be counted as Round-Up change. Round-Ups are then accumulated over the month and are donated either when you reach your "Monthly Donation Cap" or at the very end of the month.

Of course, you are always welcome to donate monthly or with a one-time gift! And, you can do that here as well!

Questions? Email Michelle

Be Our Next RockStar! Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting


I Wanna Rock n’ Roll”, but first, I have a few questions!

What is the sign-up process? 

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click GET STARTED
  3. Connect a debit/credit card and click CONTINUE
  4. View the "Authorize Round Ups" info page and click CONTINUE
  5. Choose your bank from the list (or use search bar)
  6. Input your bank log in information
  7. Choose the account the card you input is connected to
  8. Designate your funds to a certain campaign (OPTIONAL)
  9. Set a monthly cap (this can always be adjusted later) & click SUBMIT

Why am I logging in to my card provider?

Login in and selecting the card you want to connect is required as it authorizes the Round-Up program to begin on your card.

 Is my sensitive information safe?

YES! We DO NOT see or receive any of your login information. Your username & password is protected by your card provider and inaccessible to us.

 Why is my donor's bank not listed?

Harness partners with 15,000+ banks across the U.S. and continually try to add NEW banks continually. If your bank is not listed, they are not an approved partner and you cannot give via Round-Ups. In this case, we encourage you to give monthly gift instead.

How can I see which banks are approved?

You can create a personal donor account & begin the process of creating your own Round-Up registration. During the second/last step (connect your bank), you can search for the bank you're looking for.

Can I support in a different way?

Sure! If you can't find your provider or would rather not authorize your card for Roundups, please select giving a one-time donation! 

What should I do if none of the above answered my question?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Michelle Hammitt,, if you have ANY questions!


I successfully registered for Round-Ups, why are my donations not accumulating? Why am I not being charged?

arness partners with Plaid to connect to a donor's bank. Plaid has relationships with 15,000+ banks across the U.S. - if your bank is listed, this means Plaid currently has (or has previously had) a relationship with your bank. If your bank is listed, but round-ups are not accumulating or withdrawing, this means that Plaid & your bank have become disconnected.

Unfortunately, Plaid does not alert Harness to when these disconnects occur and we have no way to identify specifically what is causing your personal disconnect (ex: bank makes a security update, Plaid updates their policy, etc.) or when Plaid + your bank will resolve the issue (as the disconnects are occurring OUTSIDE of Harness).

Because we are unable to know when a solution will occur, we recommend you try to register a different card (associated with a different bank) and/or make a "classic" monthly gift for a comparable amount (ex: $15-$35).

The Round-Up registration screen gives me an error message & isn't letting me connect to my bank - what do I do?

Some banks require two-factor authentication and/or special permissions before allowing you to register for Round-Ups. While Harness cannot control which banks require this and/or know the exact steps your bank requires you to take to connect, we encourage you to reach out to your institution directly for support/next steps.


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